Thursday, 21 June 2018

My First Exam Experience

This week we had exams and our subjects were, Math, English, Science and Social Studies.
Before the exams I felt confident because I don't know why there would be a reason to be scared, and also because I tried my best and never gave up while I was doing it. But during the exam the study tips I used where to think before you write and also if your given a paper to solve you answers use it cause it could be a really useful thing to help you with if you get stuck in the test.

Friday, 23 March 2018

My name is Andre and I live in a mansion in Mission Bay, with five huge bedrooms and the best kitchen you've ever seen. One day when i was just heading off to the toilet when I heard a big explosion outside and i got scared and looked the door, I saw some steam and didn't think it was too important, so went to the bathroom. Five minutes later i got off the bowl and went outside to see what was happening and then I noticed that it wasn't just smoke any more. I heard explosions and tons of ash and rocks and also a huge amount of smoke. the ash headed right towards me so i shut the doors and my house was covered with ash. After a while the ash cleared up and i saw a huge island in the middle of the water and lava was dripping out from the top of the island and melted everything.

The End

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Made In Taiwan

Oscar and Nathan went on a journey to visit different Polynesian countries to see where their ancestors came from. They went to Rarotonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and then Taiwan. On their journey they came across some really interesting things. In Samoa he visited his grandmother's house and showed us where they buried some family, this was in his backyard. In a girl they visited her name was Ina and she was a Polynesian living in Taiwan She showed us what a betel nut was, a betel nut is something that is hard and you chew on but not swallow. Also in Taiwan they visited a museum which showed a lot of old statues created from people a long time ago. The whole reason they went to visit these countries was to see where their ancestors came from.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Describe the layers of the earth and how they were represented by our cake

 Thanks to earthquakes, the seismic waves they give off and the instruments used to gather data about such events, we now know the chemical composition , temperature, density and depth of the layer's of the Earth's inside. The earth is divided in to four layers Crust Mantle Inner-core Outer-core.