Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Made In Taiwan

Oscar and Nathan went on a journey to visit different Polynesian countries to see where their ancestors came from. They went to Rarotonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and then Taiwan. On their journey they came across some really interesting things. In Samoa he visited his grandmother's house and showed us where they buried some family, this was in his backyard. In a girl they visited her name was Ina and she was a Polynesian living in Taiwan She showed us what a betel nut was, a betel nut is something that is hard and you chew on but not swallow. Also in Taiwan they visited a museum which showed a lot of old statues created from people a long time ago. The whole reason they went to visit these countries was to see where their ancestors came from.

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  1. Hi Andre, thank you for sharing Oscar and Nate's journey. I like how you've given the example of a betel nut - what did you think about the betel nut? Also, what was your favourite part of the journey? I look forward to seeing more of your reflections!